Are you Sng Player looking for Software that completely automates all the SNG EV+ game
selection tasks and lets you focus on the game of Poker instead?


» Sharkystrator_2.0.69s
– Fixed ‘failed registration’ popup

– PokerStars update fixes…

– PokerStars7 Support(Can be Enabled/Disabled by menuselecting Main -> PokerStars7)
– General Lobby Scanning
> Lobby Scanning should now be even faster/smoother!

*2.0.66 glitches removed
– Fixed total sngs played bug
– Fixed bug that could paralyze cetain HU filter
Fixed 6max+ etra tables bug(since last PS update)

» Sharkystrator_2.0.65
– Team PokerStars tags/notes should now be detected properly

– Fixed loading issues caused by windows update
– Fixed rare crash that would happen in Hu games
– Validate PS Settings will now automatically adjust PS client
– HU Rematcher will now stop handling rematches when session is paused or stopped
– Update for new PokerStars com, eu, ee, fr…- New Tool – HU Rematcher

HeadsUp players can now use ‘Note’ and ‘Custom’ Rematch settings to aid their game, focusing even more on the good plays!

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