Are you Sng Player looking for Software that completely automates all the SNG EV+ game
selection tasks and lets you focus on the game of Poker instead?


– Bug fixes…

– PokerStars lobby SNG COUNT bug fixed…

– PokerStars lobby bug fixes…


March 1st(Important Changes!)

Due to the new PokerStars TOS coming March1st, we will no more be able to allow many of the Sharkystrator features. Therefore, we are applying changes to all opponent selection features(game values, tag searches…) All changes are as listed bellow…

HU – Unknown players(sunglasses) are now used as random lobbies(no opponent consideration). Every filter for opponent selection has been set as disabled.

MISC – All other game filters (6, 9, 10…) will automatically search and register a game without any opponent consideration.

– PokerStars update fixes…

– PokerStars7 Support(Can be Enabled/Disabled by menuselecting Main -> PokerStars7)
– General Lobby Scanning
> Lobby Scanning should now be even faster/smoother!

*2.0.66 glitches removed
– Fixed total sngs played bug
– Fixed bug that could paralyze cetain HU filter
Fixed 6max+ etra tables bug(since last PS update)

» Sharkystrator_2.0.65
– Team PokerStars tags/notes should now be detected properly

– Fixed loading issues caused by windows update
– Fixed rare crash that would happen in Hu games
– Validate PS Settings will now automatically adjust PS client
– HU Rematcher will now stop handling rematches when session is paused or stopped
– Update for new PokerStars com, eu, ee, fr…- New Tool – HU Rematcher

HeadsUp players can now use ‘Note’ and ‘Custom’ Rematch settings to aid their game, focusing even more on the good plays!

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